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About me

My name is Mariola Dzieciątkowska, I’m a graduate Lublin University of Technology, faculty Environmental Engineering. I’ve done many things in my professional career. I worked in the office, I was a photovoltaic advisor and even a manager in a restaurant. Even though every work was interesting and pleasant to me, but always something was missing… I’m choking on land…

,,Sailor Merry is a company, which was created for the love of sailing. My love for sailing…”

A long time ago I went by accident for my first trip to Masuria and from this case everything began. In 2013 I completed a yacht sailor course at the Yacht Club of the Lublin University of Technology. In the following season, I’ve been training new sailing students and a year later I became the KWŻ – something like a Sailing Training Manager (thanks YCPL!). Since then I have more patents and experience. lots of training, cruises and sailing events that made this happened idea for life.

I have been thinking about the company for a long time and in 2018 plans became a reality. As the saying goes… Initiative is a woman! The goal is one: give knowledge and experience for “young” sailors and organize cruises and trips that will be forever remembered by their participants!